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  • Chemical Biology

    CDCLOTH Women's Summer Long Dress Handbeaded Silk Beach Dress Silk Mulberry lwqxgm1286-New Clothing

    Charter Club Embroidered Illusion Dress

    Here’s some medicinal chemistry combined with synthetic biology for you. Many people are used to thinking in terms of finding small-molecule probes for various cell targets, and those are valuable things. But what if you want to control a certain population of (for example) ion channels, but there aren’t any compounds that will do the… Charter Club Intimates 2 Pack Sleepshirts
  • Chemical News

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    Christina Womens Credver Tank One Piece Swimsuit One Piece Swimsuit I was interested to see this paper, which goes into detail on a chemical phenomenon that many have seen but no one understands very well: triboluminescence. That word meets with a blank stare or instant recognition; there’s not much in between. It means “emission of light when a material is physically broken”, and that encompasses… Charter Club Petite BellSleeve Quilted Jacket
  • Analytical Chemistry

    Charter Club Petite FloralPrint ALine Skirt

    I suppose I deserve this one. Some years ago on the blog, I wrote about my days in grad school having to learn about symmetries and vibrational spectroscopy. Sparingly has that knowledge come in handy since then, but the course is still a vivid memory for me, since that’s the clearest example I had yet… Read More
  • Cancer

    Making and Measuring Multivalency

    Here’s an unusual paper that’s studying receptor behavior on cell surfaces by use of atomic force microscopy. (Here’s the SI file, which is free to access). The authors took the marketed VEGF inhibitor vandetanib (VD6474) and attached it through linkers to the AFM tip, and then scanned around the surface of live human umbilical v… Charter Club Petite Printed Knit ALine Dress
  • Drug Assays

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    CHRLDR Womens New York Satin Bomber Varsity Jacket A common question – well, it should be a common question, anyway – is “How do I make sure that this compound collection is a useful one to screen?” There are alternative forms that come down to the same issues – if you’re putting together a new focused screening set, what should be in it?… Read More
  • Biological News

    Charter Club Printed Boatneck Top

    A scientific giant, Sydney Brenner has died at the age of 92. He was present at the beginning of molecular biology – while in the chemistry department at Oxford, he car-pooled with Dorothy Hodgkin, Leslie Orgel, Jack Dunitz and others over to Cambridge to see Watson and Crick’s new model for the structure of DNA… Charter Club Seamed ColdShoulder Dress
  • Business and Markets

  • Analytical Chemistry

    A Close Look at Fragments

    Here’s a look from the D. E. Shaw research team at fragment binding, and even if you don’t do fragment-based drug discovery, it’s worth a read. That’s because the mechanisms by which fragments bind to proteins are most likely the fundamental ones by which larger molecules bind as well; this is the reductionist look at… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    A Look at Proteins in Living Cells

    We spend a lot of time in this sort of work thinking about protein structures. Traditionally that’s been the province of X-ray crystallography, later joined by solution NMR, and more latterly by cryo-electron microscopy. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but one big split is between the solid phase (X-ray… Charter Club Womens Jacquard Casual Trousers
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    Startup Culture, Starting

    Chuiqingnet Autumn Winter Female Cap beret rivet Fashion Cap, painter cap thick air hostesses Cap Many readers of this blog work in the biopharma industry, naturally, and of those, many are in and around the (few) locations where a great many of the companies in the industry are born. I myself am in the Boston/Cambridge area, famously thick with companies large and small, and then you have the Bay area… Charter Club Womens Plus Chain Print Utility ButtonDown Top
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